Saturday, 2 February 2013

Adventures with Powershell, knocking down the security barrier....

I have now had my routine for checking service status running for a few days but am still discovering new circumstances which need consideration. I have accounted for the obvious "server uncontactable" circumstance which is part of the point of the process but I have since altered my code further to ensure there is a catch all for circumstances I have yet to identify.

One additional circumstance has raised its ugly head above the parapet. On testing one server was not  responding via the script. Running the Powershell script directly against the server resulted in a perfect run from several different machines. But running the same script via xp_cmdshell caused a failure.

I finally had to raise the query on MSDN and promptly got the answer I needed. What I was unaware of is that inspite of running interactively via SQL Server Management Studio, xp_cmdshell runs with the rights of the SQL Server Agent account, which in this instance had not got rights to the destination machine.

Simple fix, I would imagine for production use a dedicated proxy account should be put in place on all monitored boxes to ensure limited rights but we're in action again.

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