Sunday, 6 January 2013

Clustered Indexes

I've been rummaging further on Kimberley's site, one area I've spent time trying to explain to developers & 3rd parties is how to use clustered indexes more effectively.

What I encounter is a lack of understanding of basic clusters, BOL does not reveal everything but reading it carefully does give the key points. The main culprits are not having a clustered key where one is obvious and then putting the cluster on the wrong field.

One provider I work with has a table with around 100 million rows and the cluster on a field that is NEVER used to reference the data, but, I am not allowed to modify the database in any way, so we have to copy the updates from the table every day and create our own version of the table then index it properly - reducing our  nightly processing run from around 10 hours to 3 (I'm not claiming the process is perfect but having the correct clustered index makes a notable difference)....if only indexed views could work inter-database [sigh].

However, Kimberly has provided more detail that I was unaware of which adds further thoughts to creating a clustered index.

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